Licensing Business

Aiming for further expansion, many enterprises have been making headway not only by themselves but in cooperation with multiple companies within and outside their field. A licensed business consists of a joint development between the brand or character’s copyright holder and the developer or manufacturer of a specific industry. The former is referred to as the Licensor and the latter as the Licensee.

Business Structure


Licensing Japanese IP

Japan has a rich portfolio of original, anime, and pop culture characters across diverse categories. The Japanese market is very accustomed to brand licensing, foreign companies frequently establish contracts with Japanese companies. The Licensee will use the brand or character’s image and name recognition to design and develop products, with an aim to increase their sales. It will also take a relatively shorter time to create a new product to a high-quality standard, than compared to planning and developing a new brand from the point of inception.

Application Procedure

Secure Your License

Many factors go into securing and producing any given license, but some guidelines will help us navigate these procedures more effectively. As a copyright managing agent, BINARYSTAR is ready to make connections between the Licensor and the Licensee according to market need.

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