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BINARYSTAR enables you to connect with services and companies in the field of Blockchain.

We are building creative international partnerships by networking Japan and the world.

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Becoming a BINARYSTAR Partner

No matter the type of your company, we are looking for all partners who can gain added value from working with BINARYSTAR and in the blockchain industry. Our partners have access to our latest events, services, and promotional benefits, and we make sure they get from us all the necessary support to do business in Japan and Asia.


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Evaluating your systems for Blockchain is similar to assessing your business practices for implementing other systems. These
assessments include: assess your current technology, assessing how your information is currently stored, evaluating critical
tracking events, understanding your existing I.T. infrastructure, and evaluating your I.T. personnel capabilities to determine if
you will need external consulting or whether in-house staff may be able to implement it independently.

Blockchain is often paired with technologies collectively called the Internet of Things (IoT). These are internet-capable devices that provide continuous streams of information networked to work in concert. In food traceability, for example, this means that all devices throughout the supply chain continually monitor and provide updates to the record (which could be a blockchain). Artificial Intelligence applications will continue to grow, especially in areas of image processing (for quality assurance) and robotics.

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