Developers of software applications build new things, every now and then. This includes any devices that would assist the technology further on a daily basis. The difference is the usage and the need for such application to be done in the system. Let’s dive into the gaming world through blockchain technology.

The Art of Blockchain in the Gaming World

When a player in the gaming arena wins a battle; they are being rewarded in multiple ways which include coins, stages, levels, gems or even their value(s) in the whole gaming industry. The question is – how do we simplify the way it is being applied from virtual to reality? We have the answers.

Purchases Through Payment Mechanism

Numerous ways can be done to signify the application of blockchain as a game, in and of itself. The gamification of blockchain is realistically possible as it would be able to showcase the start till the end process of everything that the whole technology is evolving towards. For instance, pay-per-play arcade machines, to smartphone games with cloud technology. It is a new paradigm for the gaming world and blockchain taking over the transparency, and traceability and trustworthy system will take it to the next stage of development.

A Developing Ecosystem

About a year ago, a developer of the ecosystem and a provider of the Blockchain-based platform, (Forte and Xpring) united to form a US $100 million fund to support game developers. It is meant to open source solutions and escalate the adoption of blockchain technology in the gaming sphere.    

As it is being outsourced and monitored, the gaming industry will develop further in a more systematic, verifiable and direct ecosystem as a whole. Precisely, the development of the software application tools will go in line with the new paradigm of the new era of development, specifically in the Blockchain world.


Source: Asian Blockchain Reviews