The 11th “New Business Planning in 14 Hours” Blockchain Business Hackathon

january, 2020

17janAll Day18The 11th "New Business Planning in 14 Hours" Blockchain Business Hackathon

Event Details

BINARYSTAR annual! “Create a new business plan in 14 hours”
It is the eleventh of the month’s event “Blockchain Business Hackathon”.

In this event,
Based on new business proposals planned by past participants,
The number of cases that actually lead to new business proposals within the company is increasing one after another.
There are also many repeater participants, and they have been well received.

As an after-follow after the event you participated in,
We also support new business planning and new business launch.

We hope that you can apply at this opportunity.

<Recommended for such people>
・ I am in charge of planning a new business, but I can not easily make a plan
・ Planning has been completed, but proposals to internal and business partners do not go well
・ I want to brush up the content of the proposal during the proposal and give it an accent
・ I want feedback on business ideas that utilize blockchain
・ I want to catch up the fastest and shortest blockchain

<For those considering new businesses that utilize blockchain, BINARYSTAR is committed to solving the following problems> ・ I understand blockchain technology, but I don’t know how to use business ・ I have to propose a new business, but it is difficult to make a concrete new business plan ・ I have a business idea that uses a blockchain, but I want feedback if it is realized ・ I do not understand blockchain yet, but want to catch up with the fastest and shortest <Specific contents performed in 14 hours> ①Learning business application from the latest use cases of blockchain (2) Acquisition of principles for utilizing blockchain in business (3) Understanding five sample models in the blockchain business ワ ー ク Workshop to acquire problem grasping/problem solving skills ⑤Super fast hypothesis construction 検 証 Very fast hypothesis verification 開 発 Ultra high-speed modified product development の Create a new business plan ゼ ン Presentation of created business plan
Former McKinsey’s Yuji Akabane, who has supported numerous venture companies and hosted numerous business plan contests and hackathons in Japan and overseas, will be the main lecturer, and will fully support the path to creating the first version of the blockchain business plan from scratch.

In addition, BINARYSTAR’s incubation manager and lawyer Takayuki Igaki will also participate as a lecturer and advise not only on business but also on legal aspects.

Participation fee: 5000 yen per person (free for students and faculty and staff *)
Number of participating companies: Up to 20 (1 company, up to 3 people)

Applications will be closed when 20 companies are reached. You can participate alone, or you can participate with several employees (up to a total of 3) from the same company, so please invite us and apply for a ticket from Peatix.
* Please bring a PC / tablet to create materials and collect information.
* Title and content are planned. Subject to change without notice.
* Students, faculty and staff will confirm the student ID at the reception.
* After the program on the first day, you can still work in the event space, but there is no shower or bed.
* On the 2nd day, the entrance will be unlocked at 9:00. If you wish to use it before 9:00, please contact the secretariat.

<Time table>
[Friday, January 17]
19:00-19:05 Opening Greetings, Schedule, Introduction of Lecturer
19:05-19:20 Examples
19:20-19:35 What can and cannot be done with blockchain technology. Features of each protocol
19:35-20:20 Explain business idea planning process, practice A4 memos, etc.
20:20-20:30 Business model, business plan template, screening criteria
20:30-20:40 Snack
20:40-21:30 Examination for each team (What kind of problem do you want to solve → Idea generation → Business concept)
21:30-21:45 Presentation of business ideas (2 minutes for each team, presentation on PowerPoint pages 3-5)
21:45-Consideration for each team

[Saturday, January 18]
10:00-10:30 Presentation of business plan (each team 4 minutes, presentation on PowerPoint 8-10 pages)
10:30-12:00 Study for each team (understand customer needs, conduct interviews)
12:00-12:30 Lunch
12:30-14:00 Examination for each team (specific image of service, competitive advantage)
14:00-14:30 Presentation of business plan (5 minutes for each team, presentation on PowerPoint pages 12-15)
14:30-17:00 Examination for each team (whole business plan)
17:00-18:00 Preparation for presentation, practice
18:00-19:00 Presentation tournament (6 minutes each team, presentation on PowerPoint pages 15-20)
19:00-19:10 Judgment and announcement of judging results (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
19:10-20:00 Social gathering

<Lecturer introduction> Mr. Yuji Akabane Yuji Akaba (Advisor Incubation Manager, BINARYSTAR Co., Ltd.)

Advisor to Infinity Blockchain Holdings in Singapore. Advisor to Infinity Blockchain Labs, one of the largest blockchain development ventures in Asia, with 280 people in Vietnam. He is also an advisor to several of Japan’s leading blockchain development ventures.

After graduating from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Tokyo, developed an ultra-large dump truck at Komatsu. After studying at Stanford University Graduate School, worked at McKinsey for 14 years. Launched the McKinsey Seoul office from scratch and grew it to over 120 people.

Since then, he has co-founded Breakthrough Partners, which is characterized by detailed support from before the company was established, and is working to create as many “Japanese ventures from Japan” as possible. At the same time, he will work on the management reform of large corporations, foster executives, and create new businesses.

He has been a member of research groups such as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. Lecturer at the University of Tokyo, University of Electro-Communications, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

He has authored more than 730,000 books, including 20 books in Japan and 19 books abroad, including “Zero Second Thinking”, “Supervisor of World Standards”, “Business Plan Made in 7 Days”, and “People Who Can Change”. Many lectures. (Https://

Mr. Takayuki Igaki
Takayuki Igaki (Lawyer / BINARYSTAR Inc. Incubation Manager)

Graduated from Kyoto University Law School. In addition to the lawyer business focusing on corporate legal affairs, he is also involved in the management of six companies, including companies that have started their own businesses and NPOs, specializing in management, marketing, and problem solving.

He has also worked as a system engineer in the development of core systems, and has business-wide skills that far exceed those of ordinary lawyers. He is also working on creating new businesses using the “regulatory sandbox” managed by the Cabinet Office. He has written “37 Legal Frameworks”.



january 17 (Friday) - 18 (Saturday)

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