“How can large companies actively invest in ventures and provide effective management support while maintaining an appropriate distance?” The 15th roundtable limited to 15 companies

january, 2020

24janAll Day"How can large companies actively invest in ventures and provide effective management support while maintaining an appropriate distance?" The 15th roundtable limited to 15 companies

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How to provide effective management support? The 15th round table limited to 15 companies
Many large companies are aggressively investing in ventures to quickly acquire new technologies and execution skills, and to rapidly expand their business domain.

However, even if you set up a CVC as an in-house venture capital, you will not be able to move as you think due to lack of skills and experience, or issues in the company’s attitude. Even with great effort, it seems difficult to achieve results. I was able to invest, and I have no trouble with the relationship with the investee venture and how to support it.

On 1/24 (Fri.), the focus was on this issue, and the theme was “How can large companies actively invest in ventures and provide effective management support while maintaining an appropriate distance?” We decided to hold the third round table.

The roundtables held on December 23 (Mon) and January 16 (Thu) were gathered by more than 20 new business managers and corporate planning managers, and were very popular.

It is not a one-way seminar, but a very exciting place mainly for exchanging opinions and discussing problems among participants. If you think it’s me, please apply. You will be charged for the social gathering fee only. <Recommended for such people> Due to the purpose of the meeting, “only for large companies” is allowed to participate. ・ I want to invest in a promising venture as a venture investment division, but I can not find it early ・ Limited experience in venture investment and unable to draw good investment conditions. Win-win balance is difficult ・ Although we have invested safely, the business will not grow as expected. I don’t know how to help ・ Unable to secure excellent human resources for CVC department <Recruitment Overview> Applications are closed when 15 companies are reached. In principle, one person per company. If you would like to participate with two people, please contact us by e-mail at akaba@b-t-partners.com.
<Time table>
19:00-19:05 Purpose of Round Table (Akabane)
19:05-19:35 Venture Investment Challenges and Responses (Akabane)
19:35-20:20 Participants share awareness of issues, share best practices
20:20-20:30 Request for next event
20:30-21:30 Free discussion, reception

<Facilitator, speaker>
Yuji Akabane
Yuji Akaba (Advisor Incubation Manager, BINARYSTAR Co., Ltd.)

Advisor to the Singapore-based Infinity Blockchain Group. Advisor to Infinity Blockchain Labs (Ho Chi Minh City), one of the largest blockchain development ventures in Asia, with 200 people. He is also an advisor to BINARYSTAR, Japan’s largest blockchain business hub, and several of Japan’s leading blockchain development ventures.

After graduating from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Tokyo, developed an ultra-large dump truck at Komatsu. After studying at Stanford University Graduate School, worked at McKinsey for 14 years. Launched the McKinsey Seoul office from scratch and grew it to over 120 people.

Since then, he has co-founded Breakthrough Partners, which is characterized by detailed support from before the company was established, and is working to create as many “Japanese ventures from Japan” as possible. He is also working diligently in Japan, India, Vietnam and other countries on business reform, creation of new businesses, and the development of executives in large companies.



He has been a member of research groups such as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. Lecturer at the University of Tokyo, University of Electro-Communications, Waseda University, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

Workshops on creating new businesses, strengthening leadership, grasping and solving problems, and strengthening communications are held 70 to 80 times a year.
https://www.nikkeibp.co.jp/seminar/nb/191001/ “Practice! New Business Planning Workshop ”(Nikkei Business Seminar)
https://www.nikkeibp.co.jp/seminar/nb/200127/ “How to Create a New 7-Day Business Plan” (ibid.)

He has authored 20 books in Japan and 19 books abroad, including “Zero Second Thinking”, “Supervisor of World Standards”, “Business Plan for 7 Days” and “People Who Can Change”, for a total of 760,000 copies. https://b-t-partners.com/book



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