Bridging blockchain and mobile apps would exponentially increase processing speed in addition to ensuring the safety of user information by removing a centralized network, potentially replacing current app stores.

Benefits of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is not solely for the use of financial services, as it has in many creative ways been providing transparency to its users. Blockchain is also able to serve various different industries such as Healthcare, Tourism, CPG, Government, and Retail.

For healthcare, blockchain plays a crucial role in providing the industry with security in many aspects, including personal and financial matters as well as removing any third-party involvement from the equation, reducing overhead. Encryptions and digital signatures ensure absolute privacy, the security of allocated databases, and authenticity.

Meanwhile, blockchain’s application in government is beneficial in reconstructing the state’s services and operations. This could be the key to overcoming transactional data obstacles within the government sector.

Elsewhere, the application of blockchain to CGP and retail has been increasing by the brand. This includes authenticating valuable items, averting fraudulent transactions, tracking stolen goods, enabling virtual warranties, managing loyalty systems, and tracing supply chain operations.

Blockchain is also said to be capable of transforming the tourism industry. This is feasible for any payment system, identification requirements that generally involve ID cards or passports, travel insurance, reservations, and loyalty and rewards.

Benefits of Blockchain Applications

The application of blockchain in mobile apps could potentially resolve customer problems with regard to any in-app purchases, enhance features of the advertising model, ensure transparency involving transactions, and better rewards programs.

Blockchain’s Influence in the Mobile Application Business

Statistically, the economy revolving around mobile apps has been on the rise day by day, with no signs of slowing down. The mobile app industry has been forecast to reach a value of US$6.3 trillion by 2021, with the number of mobile app users to continuously increase in the future.


Source: Asian Blockchain Reviews