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11F, Kiraritoginza,
1-8-19, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan

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8,000,000 Yen


Yuhi Ikegami

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Blockchain mentorship




Bitcoin was only a project in the broad perspective of Blockchain. A new era of opportunities has now started in Blockchain towards real-life integration.

That is why we made BINARYSTAR; to provide what is best in Blockchain integration, and to demonstrate how Blockchain is now becoming an everyday reality.


Our mission is to support businesses in applying Blockchain by providing technological, legal, and business insights to help them achieve the utmost speed in blockchain-business integration.

We will be paramount in blockchain utilization and contribute to improving Japan’s global competitiveness. We aim to achieve an environment where individuals from around the world can actively play their roles in this industry.


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Executive Advisory Committee





Blockchain Exe is Japan’s largest blockchain community. It hosts Meet-ups every month with more than 2,500 accumulated participants. Blockchain Exe has co-hosted events with industry-leading groups, such as WIRED and Concensys, while inviting prominent speakers to discuss various subjects covering law and technology, as well as offering training opportunities for beginners.


Cougar, the company in charge of operating Blockchain Exe, has acquired extremely high technical strength, as well as admiration in the industry. They jointly conducted Work of Concept experiments with KDDI, applying blockchain for Support Services using Ethereum for enterprise. Their main product, Connectome, has been featured many times in Nikkei and TechCrunch as the most advanced blockchain x AI x robotics utilization service, attracting the attention of many people. In partnership with BINARYSTAR, they aim to provide technical advice with their unparalleled technical strength in blockchain and AI.


As Cougar is the representative of EEA’s Japan branch, they will also be able to provide technological assistance and business connections in Japan.





INFINITY BLOCKCHAIN VENTURES (IBV) is a high-profile Blockchain consulting company that has offices in Japan, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Ho Chi Minh City. It has distinguished itself in the Asia region with its power to pursue its clients goal through business, legal, tech, and financial support. IBV collaborates with top universities from Vietnam, Malaysia, and Taiwan to accelerate blockchain research, development, and adaptation.





The Blockchain Business Community (BBC) operates a community where participants can discuss and exchange information about the significantnt impact blockchain will have on industries, universities, companies and individuals.


Specifically, they operate a media specializing on blockchain ( a blog distribution from a neutral standpoint) to introduce overseas newspapers, concepts and business models about the blockchain technology. They also hold community meetups that provide opportunities for the educational and industrial community to interact.


At their monthly “Blockchain Meet-up”, insight is given to the latest ideas in order to deepen discussions and to promote their blockchain community. They also conduct and put out reports on their research on blockchain and its challenges. Also, the BBC operated Facebook group has over 3000 members, where members can also engage in interactive discussion.


Major participating institutions include the University of Tokyo, University of Waseda, University of Keio, University of Meiji, the National University of Singapore, (Tsinghua University) and many other universities. Major corporations and venture companies are also advocates of BBC.





CTIA develops and provides financial platforms that utilize the latest technologies, substantiated by research on AI, distributed processing, and encryption. The company operates in nine countries; Switzerland, Singapore, South Korea, China, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Hong Kong and the United States. They have branches in Singapore, Switzerland, Japan and South Korea.


CTIA Swiss consulting firm supporting blockchain startup fundraising through what is called a Token Generating Event (TGE), CTIA conducts strict due diligence to protect investors and to ensure compliance assurance. CTIA checks the usage of the raised funds, and also whether they have the sufficient technology to develop their product. They also look inside the company’s system and quality of their members, to evaluate their integrity.

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